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The Parent Center provides parents with greater access to information and services that will help the academic success of their children. The Parent Center is staffed with a Coordinated Integrated Services (CIS) Coordinator, Community Relations Facilitator, and Bilingual Tester. The Parent Center is located in room 1203 next to the Counseling Center, which makes these neighboring departments an ideal and convenient location for visiting parents. Individual parents, as well as those representing school groups have access to the Parent Center and use Parent Center laptops, printers, and other resources as needed. The goal of the Parent Center is to serve all families as a vehicle of support, encouragement, and engagement. Maintaining a supportive partnership between BVHS and parents will have a significant impact on student achievement.

Parent Center

The Team

Michele Godoy, CIS Coordinator
(619) 397 – 2008

Rosalinda Gutierrez, Community Relations Facilitator
(619) 397 – 2070

Aram Abdulla, Bilingual Tester
(619) 397 – 2042


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