Scholarship Contact: Reynila Calderon-Magbuhat

Scholarship Contact: Reynila Calderon-Magbuhat
Counseling Office
(619) 397-2020

Click on the links below to find information regarding scholarships.  Please pay attention to deadlines and requirements.  For questions regarding any of these scholarships, please contact  Ms. Reynila Calderon-Magbuhat in the counseling center. 


Scholarship Counselor – Ms. Calderon-Magbuhat

Interested in $ for college?  Apply for scholarships!  There is a lot of money handed out each year in scholarships; however, you must apply.

Scholarships will be posted on:

  • The scholarship bulletin (See link at the bottom)
  • Jupiter Ed Email – Scholarships will be posted as we receive them

What can you do now to prepare for Scholarships as they are posted during the 2023-2024 school year?

1) Request two–three letters of recommendation from people who know you well (not relatives).  Maybe a teacher, counselor, or an employer.  Always give these people at least a two-week notice and prepare a resume for them so they know what activities you’re involved in.

2) Request at least 2 official transcripts from our school registrar, Ms. Erika Morales.

3) Submit as many community service hours possible to your social science teacher.  Some scholarships may want students to have a good amount of community service hours, not only the 30 hours required to graduate.

4) Check our school website, Bonita Vista Counselors Instagram (bvh_counselors), and review all scholarships posted.  Some of the scholarships have certain requirements that you must meet (such as GPA) in order to apply.


Click here to see Google Document with information.