National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Eligibility

“College Athletics”

College-bound student athletes who wish to pursue college athletics must consult with the organization designated for their level of play. Each association has academic eligibility criteria designed to uphold academic standards for all its athletes. Students must meet admissions criteria for the institution in addition to athletic eligibility requirements.  Colleges not only seek great athletes, but prospective students who can graduate from their institutions.

NCAA – National Collegiate Athletic Association/Division I and II Institutions

  • Division I– This is the largest and most competitive athletic association. Division I colleges can offer full and partial scholarships to athletes.
  • Division II– Less competitive athletically than Division I; member colleges are typically smaller than Division I schools. Athletic aid is available in lesser amounts.

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  • Division III – This division consists of 400+ colleges/universities that choose not to offer athletic scholarships to student athletes. It offers an “intense and competitive athletics environment for student-athletes who play for the love of the game, without the obligation of an athletics scholarship.”

NAIA –National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics(Small-college Athletics)

There are 350+ colleges associated with the NAIA. Most are small colleges. Similar to the NCAA, students must meet eligibility requirements to participate and make good progress toward college graduation.

Register: (Student Eligibility Center)

NJCAA—National Junior College Athletic Association(Junior and Community Colleges)

Students must have graduated from high school or received a high school diploma equivalent. Students should discuss their academic eligibility with the athletic staff at the NJCAA college they will be attending.  Students who are not academically eligible to play at an NCAA college can start at an NJCAA school and then transfer.


You will only need to file with the NCAA Clearinghouse if you will be participating in a Division I or Division II NCAA Sanctioned Sport.

When should a student register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

Students may register at any time, but the NCAA recommends that students register during their sophomore year. The registration website is: . The NCAA Eligibility Center will evaluate a student’s academic credentials once the following information has been received, and the student has had his/her status requested by an NCAA member institution:

  • Completed online registration
  • Fee Payment
  • SAT and/or ACT test score on file from the respective testing agency
  • Transcript(s) from all schools or programs attended

What is the fee to register?
The registration fee for U.S. students is $100

What requirements do I need to be able to practice, play and get a scholarship at an NCAA Division I or II college or university?

Division 1 Eligibility Requirements:

Division 2 Eligibility Requirements:

Guide for the College Bound Athlete 

More important links:

Division 1 Initial Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet

Division 2 Initial Eligibility Quick Reference Sheet

Initial Eligibility Brochure

***If you have additional questions or need further assistance, please contact the NCAA Eligibility Center’s customer service staff at 877-262-1492 or see Ms. Lorena Mata in the Counseling Center