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Textbook Policy

Student/Parent Textbook Guidelines Agreement
Dear Student and Parent/Guardian:

It is our goal to provide each student with a district adopted textbook for every course.  The library checks out textbooks to students and provides access to textbooks during school hours. Each student will be issued a textbook that has a unique barcode number and students must return that textbook with the same barcode.

Textbooks are necessary learning tools; care for them as you would any expensive items.  By covering textbooks you can keep them from incurring serious damage and it will assist you in recognizing your textbooks among others.

  • Tip: Write your name on the inside cover as soon as it is checked out to you.

Students are responsible for paying the replacement costs ($60 – $120 per textbook) for lost or stolen textbooks and for textbook damage.  All replacement costs and damage fines must be paid in cash. Be sure to review each textbook when it is checked out to you and report any previous damage.
Please Note: Even if a teacher allows a student to keep books in the classroom, the student is still responsible for his/her books.

Student and Parent Responsibilities:
·   Students must return/pay for all their previous year’s textbooks before the new school year begins.
·   Students must return/pay for all their textbooks before they are allowed participation in extra curricular activities including the graduation ceremony.
·   Incoming students must return/pay for their previous schools’ textbooks before the new school year begins.


1. Cover your textbooks and write your name on the inside front covers.
2. Do not let your friends borrow your textbooks or leave them in classrooms because you are responsible for returning your textbooks in good condition.