Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation from your teachers and school staff are an important part of applications for colleges and universities, as well as job applications and scholarships. We want to tell the world how good a student you are, but there are some requirements.

  • Make your request at least 10 school days before the recommendation due-date.
  • Make sure the forms are completely filled out and signed where necessary.
  • Provide recommender copy of request/paperwork for university, college, scholarship, etc.
  • If necessary, provide recommender an addressed AND stamped envelope. Make sure of appropriate envelope size and postage.
  • Provide recommender a resume (see link below)
  • Provide recommended a short personal statement (see link below)
  • Hand write your recommender a thank you letter!


BVH Brag Sheet

Personal Statement:



Sample Resume Link

Sample Resume Link 2