2 Computer Science courses:
Learn to program and earn Science
& Math credit.

AP Computer Science Principles (UC and CSU Science Credit)

  • Learn the basics of programming via drag-and-drop, 3-D, and textual programming at an easy pace.
  • Class is project-based, and collaboration is always encouraged.
  • Plenty of time for one-on-one with teacher during class time.
  • All software can be downloaded for free.
  • Textbook is also free, and will make use of several online platforms and resources.
  • Learn concepts such as networking, Internet and its impact on society, cybersecurity, and much more.
  • Questions? email me at oscar.gracias@sweetwaterschools.org
  • Learn to make your own website from scratch by learning HTML and CSS.
  • See one-page information sheet here.|

AP Computer Science A (UC and CSU Math Credit)

  • Already familiarized with some programming concepts?
  • Feel comfortable with block-programming?
  • This course is designed to be taught in the JAVA language.
  • We will be using an IDE such as Eclipse.
  • Some algebraic and other mathematical concepts a must!!
  • Questions? email me at oscar.gracias@sweetwaterschools.org
  • See one-page information sheet here.