English Language Arts

BVH – English Language Arts

English Department Chair

Kalie Betts  kalie.betts@sweetwaterschools.org
English 10, English 10 Accelerated, and IB Theory of Knowledge

English Department Staff

Brian Bane  brian.bane@sweetwaterschools.org
AP English Language and Composition

Raymond Chhan raymond.chhan@sweetwaterschools.org
English 9 Accelerated

Gabe Garcia juang.garcia@sweetwaterschools.org
AP English Literature and Composition and Yearbook

Jason Good  jason.good@sweetwaterschools.org
English 10 Accelerated, IB English Literature HL 1, and IB Theory of Knowledge

Eric Helle  eric.helle@sweetwaterschools.org
IB English Literature HL 2, Newspaper, and Speech and Theatre

Sean Meisner  sean.meisner@sweetwaterschools.org
English 11 and Cross-Age Tutoring

Nikki Monfredo  nikki.monfredo@sweetwaterschools.org
English 9 Accelerated and English 11

Michael Ortiz  michael.ortiz@sweetwaterschools.org
English 9 Accelerated and AVID 9/10

Dennis Perez   dennis.perez@sweetwaterschools.org
English 9 Intensive, English Language Development 1, Social Issues in Film (LTEL), and AVID 9/10

Rosa Sias  rosamaria.sias@sweetwaterschools.org
English 10 Accelerated and Drama

Carmen Ramirez-Stokes  carmen.stokes@sweetwaterschools.org
Expository Reading and Writing Course

Maria Thompson mariadejesus.thompson@sweetwaterschools.org
English Language Development 2, 3, and 4

Gina Vattuone Gina.Vattuone@sweetwaterschools.org
English 9 Accelerated (Global Scholars)
Website: https://bvh9.blogspot.com/ 

Sean Warlop  sean.warlop@sweetwaterschools.org
English 10 and Expository Reading and Writing Course

Daniel Wasson  daniel.wassonn@sweetwaterschools.org
English 10 and English 10 Accelerated