To contact a teacher via Jupiter Ed:

  1. Login to Jupiter Ed here.
  2. Click on Messages
  3. Click on New Message
  4. From the dropdown menu select the teacher you’d like to contact
  5. Type your message and hit Send

Click here for a list of all teachers with email addresses.

2023-2024 BVHS Counselor Assignment

  1. A – Balladarez Ms. Mariel Avalos
  2. Balleza – Elguira Ms. Olga Castro
  3. Elkinton – Hurtado Ms. Rosa Tovar
  4. Hutchins – Morada Ms. Lorena Mata
  5. Morales – Rosario Ms. Reynila Calderon-Magbuhat
    Co-Lead Counselor/Scholarships
  6. Rosas – Z Ms. Lorena Serrano
    Co-Lead Counselor