BVH – Associated Student Body

Christina Ada
Teacher in charge of Student Activities

Leona Jazmin
Finance Technician

Tel: (619) 397-2050
Fax: (619) 397-2150

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asb students with camp rindone award

The 2019-20 BVH ASB is getting a jump on school spirit for the new school year! Congrats to the ASB for bringing home the coveted Rindone Award from ASB Camp for the second year in a row! Best overall ASB in the District!


ASB President
Carlos Torres

Vice President
Samantha Amantea

Tica Valderrama

Attorney General
Zoey Advincula

Assistant to the Dean
Justin Shorty
Kacey Kelly

Art Commissioners
Isabelle King
Makayla Crumpton
Olivia Huey
Kathleen Santacruz

Student Recognition Commissioners
Molly Murphy
Faith Sunga
Nicole Hill
Isabella Fakhimi

Spirit Commissioners
Julia Hill
Kaylonnie Jones
Adam DePratti
Emma Schroeder
Sienna Chavez
Dante Whitney

Visual and Performing Arts Commissioners
Amari Adrianzen

Athletics Commissioners
Roberto Terrones
Roman Medina
Noah Zelaya
Sean Murphy
Naomi Castillo Meza
Gabriel Mata

Technology Commissioners
Timothy Tucker
Michael Dimapilis
Wesley Haslett

Finance Commissioners
Isabelle Bernal
Viviana Rivera
Kaitlyn Tolentino
Misael Caudillo Franco
Kevin Torres
Edelina Bagaporo

Public Relations Commissioners
Aramis Griffin
Savannah Groom Castillo

Photography Commissioner
Ralph Inzunza

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