Tutor, Educate, and Motivate

BVH – Tutor, Educate, and Motivate


At Bonita Vista High School, we strive to help every student reach academic success through a variety of programs and resources.  The T.E.A.M. Tutoring program is an opportunity for students to receive free tutoring, complete assignments, improve study habits and work collaboratively with peers in a structured and supportive environment.  In addition to receiving tutoring directly related to their current classes, our goal is to develop participants’ study skills and habits necessary for their long-term academic success.



T.E.A.M. Tutoring also provides Bonita Vista High School students with academic counseling and mentoring.  The program is driven by over 70 volunteer peer tutors and student mentors that must clear an academic screening and interview.  These are some of Bonita Vista’s top academic students volunteering to not only improve academics, but to motivate, build relationships, build self-confidence, and build self-esteem.


Many students are assigned to our T.E.A.M. Tutoring program based on low math and/or English grades.  Our goal is to identify what is lacking, comprehension or motivation, then help the student by assisting them with extended instruction, encouragement, and by offering multiple levels of support.

With 150-200 BVHS students attending the program on any given day, we are requiring our tutors to attend professionally administered leadership trainings, and in the future nationally accredited peer tutor trainings.

T.E.A.M. Tutoring has a website and Smart Phone App!  The website and app is for Bonita Vista High School students, staff, and parents only.  To receive access, please print the attached brochure and follow the instructions for the free registration.  You may also go directly to our website, https://teamtutoring.teamapp.com/, and sign-up online.  All of the information regarding tutoring schedules, cancellations, or up and coming events can be found on our website and app!

If you have any questions or would like to enroll for the free T.E.A.M. Tutoring after school program, please contact the Interventions Center at (619)397-2033 or contact the Interventions Coordinator, Steve Wiggs, at steven.wiggs@sweetwaterschools.org.