History / Social Science

Social Science Department Chair

Candice DeVore  candiceguad.devore@sweetwaterschools.org
AP U.S. History and U.S. History

Social Science Staff

Don Dumas don.dumas@sweetwaterschools.org
AP Human Geography and US History

David Economu  david.economou@sweetwaterschools.org
U.S. Government, Economics, Psychology and Sociology
Course Website: http://www.schoolnotes.com/91913/worldhistory.html

Vince Gervais  vincent.gervais@sweetwaterschools.org
U. S. Government and Economics

Eileen Hay  eileen.hay@sweetwaterschools.org
AP World History

Matthew Lambert  matthew.lambert@sweetwaterschools.org
World History, World Geography, World History ACC and World Geography ACC

Laura Lowery laura.lowery@sweetwaterschools.org
Human Geography

Elizabeth Palmer elizabeth.palmer@sweetwaterschools.org
IB Economics and Human Geography

Frank Schneeman  frank.schneemann@sweetwaterschools.org
U.S. History and Economics

Myrna Takaki  myrna.takaki@sweetwaterschools.org
World History and AVID

Robert Tucker  robert.tuckeriii@sweetwaterschools.org AP Human Geography and US History

Jose Vallejo  jose.vallejo@sweetwaterschools.org