Please call (619) 397-2002 to report an absence.

Michelle Adame
Attendance Technician  

Antonio Gutierrez Jr.
Attendance Coordinator


Attendance During Distance Learning:

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  • Attendance is taken from live class attendance/ participation.   This means students must log in and join video sessions Mon.- Th. to be counted as present.  (Refer to AB77 for more information.)
  • Fridays Teachers may use different means to take attendance:  live class, work, google forms/ surveys, or office hours.   It is the student’s responsibility to pay attention to the posted bell schedule and read messages from their teachers about Friday check ins.
  • What if I have tech  issues and cannot join class?
    • Contact your teacher immediately – don’t wait until the end of the day. 
    • Take a screenshot as proof you had an issue to send to your teacher. 
  • It is the responsibility of each student to read all Jupiter messages and check their student email at least once a day.
  • It is the responsibility of each student to log into their online classes to check announcements and work due each day.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to know the BVH bell schedule
  1. How do I excuse an absence?
  • First, only the parent/guardian can excuse an absence.
  • Call 619-397-2002 and leave a message.
  • Email an appointment note directly to attendance:
  • Email a hand-written note directly to attendance with the following information:
    • Student Name/ ID
    • Date of Birth
    • Reason for absence
    • Parent/guardian Name
    • Parent/guardian phone number (email and number must match what is on file)
    • Parent/guardian signature (hand-written)

Note-Generic typed emails are not accepted.

Submit a medical note.  Please note the only accepted notes from Mexico are those affiliated with SIMNSA.

Blanket Excuses for students will not be accepted: e.g. “Please clear all my student’s absences”


All absences must be cleared by parent within 30 calendar days according to the SUHSD policy Regulation code AR 5113 (D). If absences are not cleared within 30 calendar days, the student must clear absences through Saturday school.

All parents/ guardians and students are encouraged to download the Infinite Campus App to their phone/ tablet in order to receive instant attendance notifications for when a student is marked absent or tardy in a class.

Click here on how to track attendance and receive attendance notifications

Haga clic aquí cómo realizar un seguimiento de la asistencia y recibir notificaciones de asistencia

For a list of excusable reasons per Ed Code, please click here and read under Excused Absences (vacations are only excusable when on independent studies)