BVH LCAP Update and Engagement 2015

Bonita Vista High School
LCAP Update and Engagement
BVH LCAP Update and Engagement 2015
March 17, 2015

Subject: BVH LCAP Update and Engagement

Dear BVH Parents,

The new Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) instituted by Governor Brown and the legislature last year required that Districts develop a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). Last year, development of the LCAP required “Stakeholder engagement”, i.e. that Districts and schools create a process for identified stakeholders (students, staff, parents, and community members, etc.) to participate in the process. In our process, we aligned existing District priorities with the eight state priorities, used a gallery walk process to obtain stakeholder feedback, and through this process, identified five (5) key LCAP goals for implementation in 2014-2015. These were A-G Coursework and Completion, Access to Technology, Parent Involvement, Common Core Implementation, and Professional Development.

For our annual LCAP review, we are once again involving our stakeholders in this process. Our task is to review the five goals, action steps to implement the goals, seek feedback on what has worked, what we should keep doing or stop doing, and what we should enhance and/or add, focused on what will improve educational outcomes for our targeted sub-groups, i.e., English Leaners, Foster and Homeless Youth, and Educational Disadvantaged Youth.

We would like to seek your input as the District undergoes the revision process of the LCAP. Bonita Vista High School is undergoing this same process and we invite you to participate.   You can participate by viewing the LCAP Engagement 2014-2015 Presentation Video and completing the Parent Survey online at your leisure. If you prefer to read the LCAP Engagement Presentation, I have attached a PDF version of the PowerPoint video slides. The survey deadline is Friday, March 20, 2015 at 5:00 p.m.

You can access the LCAP video and Parent Survey both in English and Spanish at:

  • District website
  • “Students and Parents” tab
  • “Local Control Funding Formula” tab
  • “LCAP Engagement 2014-2015” Video (English and Spanish)
  • “LCAP Parent Survey” tab   OR   (English and Spanish)

Thank you for your time and support,

Michele Godoy
CIS Coordinator